Mar 10

Leave This Town by Make Your Exit

Make Your Exit is about as honest as music gets. It’s stripped down and amped up, but somehow quiet and modest at the same time. It’s the sound of five extremely talented twenty-somethings pouring all their heart and soul into making great music. Find out more about the band here.

Leave This Town – Make Your Exit

Mar 10

Nighthawks by Two Hours Traffic

Two Hours Traffic is a Canadian indie rock band, based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. They are named after a line in the prologue to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Although often described as the band that Halifax guitarist Joel Plaskett took “under his wing”, they have increasingly become known as purveyors of original, well-crafted power pop songs. Also be sure to check out the video for Nighthawks here.

Nighthawks – Two Hours Traffic

Mar 10

It’s The Love by The Breeders

It’s The Love is from The Breeders’ most recent LP titled Mountain Battles (2008). The album was recorded off and on over several years at many different locations with recording assistance from Steve Albini, Erika Larson, and Manny Nieto. The band experimented with “unnatural adornments” like overdubs on this album which they’ve typically avoided on past albums.

It’s The Love – The Breeders

Mar 10

Backwards Rolling by The French Semester

The French Semester is an LA based outfit with a penchant for analog grooves, folk-inspired guitar riffs, laid-back melodies, and nostalgic lyrics. If every high-school yearbook could play music when opened, The French Semester is what would be playing. Find out more about the band here.

Backwards Rolling – The French Semester

Mar 10

Food For The Winter by Cassette Kids

Draped in magnetic tape ripped from the music collection of Greenwich Village dilettantes, the Sydney, Australia based Cassette Kids are making a ruckus by summoning the likes of Bjork, The Klaxons and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs into a mixtape sound akin to a well dressed Berlin Wall coming down in a New York Basement.

Food For The Winter – Cassette Kids

Mar 10

Something In Common by Free Energy

Free Energy is a Philadelphia, PA band which includes Scott Wells, Paul Sprangers, Evan Wells, Geoff Bucknam, and Nick Shuminksy. Wells and Sprangers were both in now-defunct Hockey Night. Free Energy creates melodic, hook-laden rock tunes with a heavy dose of bombastic glam and classic dust. You can find out more about the band here.

Something In Common – Free Energy

Mar 10

You Borrowed by Helmet

Helmet is a post-hardcore band from New York formed in 1989. Founded by vocalist/guitarist Page Hamilton, Helmet was acclaimed as a “Thinking person’s heavy metal band.” Eschewing the traditional heavy metal image of long hair and black clothing, the band stood out with their preference for simple t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers, along with short haircuts.

But what really set Helmet apart was the music. Brutal, yet precise guitar riffs, odd time signatures, minor keys and great drum work defined the sound. The band is still producing music although recent efforts seem less magical if compared to early songs like You Borrowed, possibly due to multiple lineup changes over the years.

Feb 10

Something by The Beatles

Even if you’re not a huge Beatles fan it’s hard not to appreciate a song like Something. The contrast between Paul’s busy bass line and George’s laid-back and oh-so-cool guitar solo are the stuff music legends are made of.

Something – The Beatles

Jan 10

Napping Captain by Jogger

Jogger consists of two Los Angeles based dudes named Jonathan & Amir who make some mind-blowing indie synth and are evidently related to Jay & Silent Bob. Find out more about Jogger here.

Napping Captain – Jogger

Jan 10

Long Division by Death Cab For Cutie

I’m starting to get the feeling that the mission statement of DCFC is something along the lines of  ”Just keep making great music”. Even more amazing to me is how they have managed to create and exploit an entirely new niche of music without becoming repetitive or boring . Find out more about DCFC here.

Long Division – Death Cab For Cutie